For every zine ordered, one will be donated to organisations and charities that support LGBTQ+ people and/or provide sexual health education😍😍 Since I released the zines for pre-order in August 2021, I have donated 40 copies across the UK to Sexpression, Curious Arts and The Outside Project.


This zine shakes up sex education by focusing on what gets left out of the mainstream heterosexual reproductive focus. This artwork is about exposing the reality of sex and its multiplicities through the lens of raw sex stories. Sex can be funny, messy, awkward, scary, weird, exciting, boring and so much more. By asking participants to share a sex story alongside three things they felt during and three things they felt after, these illustrations demonstrate not just a diversity of sexual experiences, but also the variety of emotions experienced both during and after sex. This project aims to contribute to a sex education where diversity of experience is championed and the emotional aspects of sex are revealed to better equip individuals to pursue happier and less stigmatised sex lives.

80gsm Sex Education Zine

    • A6
    • 80gsm paper stock zines

    • 40 pages (including cover)