Destigmatise Period Products Tee.


Human holding a tampon in one hand and a pad in the other, casual, as it should be.

Wear dis top on ya period, as a pj top/nightie, or to support other humans with periods.




This item will be dispatched during the week of the 16th-20th of July.

Destigmatise Period Products Tee

  • Printing Process: Water-based inks that are totally organic, 100% non-hazardous, 100% toxin-free, completely vegan-friendly and contain no, animal by-products and safe for infants and babies.


    The printers I use are responsible: 'We pay all of our staff and contractors in excess of the living wage, and we are an accredited Living Wage Employer. We have an annual fund to sponsor charitable work and good causes; we give t-shirts to help fundraising. Our print process is 100% non-toxic and produces no harmful waste. We are a carbon-neutral company, we reduce, recycle or reuse all we can, and offset those emissions we can't'.