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Organic vintage white tee. Front & back design.

This design is about embracing one's full self as a living organism that will endlessly become. This creation helped reframe the anxieties I had surrounding my changing sense of gender to something beautiful and free.

I think this mantra can be helpful in all sorts of contexts. Having space to develop is central to so many things. If we set ourselves up to be static, we fall into pushing against the realities of life. I want to live openly. We learn more about ourselves, others and the world every single day - let's lean into this and embrace endlessly becoming.

[image description: a black and white illustration of a human with their arms and legs bending in different directions around them surrounded by the text 'I will endlessly become']

Endlessly Become Tee

  • Due to the printing process small blemishes on the tops are a natural part of the product <3


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