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Beautiful set of prints on 350gsm, 315 microns & 100% recycled card.


Pick any 6 of these 16 Designs:

  1. Spread Love Cupids
  2. Jumping Out Of The Patriarchy
  3. Explore Who You Are And What Brings You Joy
  4. Be Kind To Your Mind
  5. Don’t Need To Earn Food
  6. Humans Don't Fit Into Boxes
  7. Who You Are Over How You Look
  8. Empathy Is Fucking Cool
  9. Gender Outlaw Baby

  10. Play With & Question Gender Norms and Rules

  11. At One With Myself
  12. Some Men Have Vulvas Some Women Do Not
  13. Periods Have No Gender
  14. Abortion Rights Are Fundamental Human Rights
  15. Consent Is A Sexy Necessity
  16. Not Your Business


If you do not inform me which 6 postcards in the order, I will randomly select them for you.

You Choose Postcard Pack (x6)

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