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Introducing the scheme that lets you sell and buy pre-loved Goodstrangevibes tops! Buying and/or selling one of these tops helps to keep clothing out of landfill and secures you a bargain! Win-win!


Why does the scheme exist?

According to the Fixing Fashion report, we buy more clothes per person in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. We also discard around a million tonnes of textiles a year. This is not good for the planet, for our mental health, or for the people who are making these clothes that are destined to go to landfill. To try to prevent at least some clothes from going to waste, I’m hoping that this scheme will help bring Goodstrangevibes garments into a circular economy.


How does it work?

  1. The reseller sends Goodstrangevibes good quality photos of their used GSV top they want to resell, alongside the size of the product. The reseller communicates which of the 3 categories of condition it is in to indicate how much it is sold for and the distribution of the money (see the Condition Rating Scale). The reseller is responsible if the item's condition does not match their rating. The reseller commits to posting the item within 5 working days of an order being placed.

  2. Lou sends the reseller a document to sign to confirm they understand the terms of the scheme.

  3. After the reseller sends back the signed document, Lou creates the product listing on the Goodstrangevibes website.

  4. If it sells, Lou informs the buyer who will communicate when the product has been shipped & provide a proof of postage receipt with sufficient value coverage. The customer will be sent a shipping confirmation email via the Goodstrangevibes website.

  5. When the item has been received by the customer, so long as there are no problems,  the reseller will receive a code for Goodstrangevibes store credit to cover £3.50 of postage plus the amount based on the Condition Rating Scale for the top.

Please note:

  • If the item is not sold, the reseller will not get any store credit and will keep their item. 

  • Lou maintains the right to remove the product listing at any time.


Condition Rating Scale

  1. Great quality (barely worn, looks good as new) sold for £12.50. Reseller gets £7.50 + £3.50 (to cover postage) in GSV store credit.

  2. Good quality (worn, no stains/marks) sold for £10. Reseller gets £5 + £3.50 (to cover postage) in GSV store credit.

  3. Okay (worn, faded design, some marks) sold for £8. Reseller gets £3 + £3.50 (to cover postage) in GSV store credit.



I don’t physically see the pre-loved t-shirts as they are sent directly to you. This means that when you are buying your t-shirt, you must provide your consent for us to share your address with a third party. Your data will only be shared with the person who is the original owner of your new t-shirt and any necessary package delivery services. This is so the top can be posted directly to you, not just reducing postage costs and the shipping time but also reducing the environmental impact.


What’s the future of the scheme?

Depending on the scheme's popularity and Goodstrangevibes’ growth, the resale service could develop further. This scheme is new and a work in progress, so if you have any feedback on how it could work better for everyone involved, please let me know

 © 2021 by Lou Brown

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