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Revolutionising Sex Education is a project that aims to shake up sex education. The project outputs, an exhibition and a zine, feature illustrations to expose the reality of sex and its multiplicities through the lens of raw sex stories. By asking participants to share a sex story alongside three things they felt during and three things they felt after, these illustrations demonstrate not just a diversity of sexual experiences, but also the variety of emotions experienced both during and after sex.

The project began with a 3D online exhibition in August 2021.  The next step of the project is a zine (a 40 page A6 self-published book) which will include the illustrations and stories from the exhibition plus even more. The zine will contribute to a sex education where diversity of experience is championed and the emotional aspects of sex are revealed to better equip individuals to pursue happier and less stigmatised sex lives.


Zine Pre-Order here:

When you pre-order the zine you don’t just receive 40 pages of educational real sex stories and original illustrations printed on 115gsm recycled paper (may I add it would make a brilliant gift!), but you also help the project reach more people. With every pre-order, I will send a free zine to organisations and charities that support LGBTQ+ people and/or provide sexual health services.

Zine Contribution here:

I want YOU to be a part of the zine. You can submit your own story to be included anonymously using the link above. There are experiences that have not been submitted so far or are underrepresented. I particularly encourage participants who are LGBTQIA+, disabled, black, Asian or from other minorities, and people who have experienced anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction and endometriosis to submit stories. If you do not fit the above, I still want to hear your story! If you have any questions prior to or post submitting, you are welcome to email


Lou Brown owns the copyright of all art shown in the exhibition and in the zine.

A huge thank you to Curious Arts and Queer Arts North for the funding which has made this project possible.

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