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17th – 31st August 2021

Zine Pre-Order:

When you pre-order the zine you don’t just receive 40 pages of real sex stories and original illustrations printed on 115gsm recycled paper (may I add it would make a brilliant gift!), but you also help the project reach more people. With every pre-order, I will send a free zine to organisations and charities that support LGBTQ+ people and/or provide sexual health services. While it would be amazing if you were able to contribute to the continuation of the project, you are welcome to view the exhibition whether you have pre-ordered a zine or not.

A few tips before entering:

  • Do not view on a mobile. View on a desktop or laptop, using Chrome or Firefox.

  • Press enter exhibition and then in the top right corner of the screen press the three lines and then press 'enter full screen'.

  • When you arrive, you will be placed at the start of the exhibition (the pink canvas featuring introductory text).

  • One way to navigate the exhibition chronologically is by clicking on the first pink canvas titled ‘Revolutionising Sex Education’ and then once you’re ready, at the bottom right side of the screen click the 'next' arrow to be taken to the next piece of art and keep doing this until you finish the exhibition.

  • When there are links included in the text, click on the canvas and a circle with a link should appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, click it.

  • If you want to spin around and explore, simply use your mouse and double click where you want to go (a bit like street view on Google Maps). You can also use the arrow keys on a keyboard.


Get Involved

Would you like your story illustrated and included in the zine? To find out more about what this involves, have a look at the submission form. If you have any questions prior to or post submitting, you are welcome to email


Lou Brown owns the copyright of all art shown in the exhibition.

A huge thank you to Curious Arts and Queer Arts North for the funding which has made this project possible.

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You can view the exhibition below or via this link for a larger screen:

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