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Lou curates and runs creative workshops. The workshops provide an opportunity for Lou to share their story and insights to guide participants on their own journeys whether that comes to appreciating their bodies, unpacking masturbation shame, practising gratitude in their day to day lives or making space for their gender thoughts with compassion and care.

Clients include: Vans, Shine / Newcastle City Council, Newcastle University Students'​ Union, College of St. Hild and St. Bede at Durham University, Newcastle University Feminist Society, Newcastle University's School X, Sexpression NCL, Northumbria University Students' Union, The Anti Diet Riot Club, Changing Relations and Skaped.

 'Lou is very competent, kind and professional at all times. The workshop they delivered was excellent and was beautifully received by workshop participants, who felt affirmed and safe’ - Shine.

Body Gratitude

  • Participants create body self portraits and a thank you card to their bodies while Lou shares their own story and academic insights into positive body image.


Gender Thoughts Container

  • Participants create a container for their gender thoughts and during the session soothing gender affirming mantras are written to go inside.

Gratitude Container

  • Participants create a gratitude container out of recycled materials complete with gratitude notes to go inside.


Unpacking Masturbation Shame

  • Celebrating and normalising masturbation through myth busting and discussions as well as the creation of mixed media artwork inspired by participants’ own experiences.


If you or someone you know may be interested in hiring Lou to run a workshop, please get in touch via the contact us form and Lou will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or queries.


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