I have always been concerned by climate change and this has certainly influenced my decisions in relation to how I live my daily life and the running of my business. 


However, with the activist work of my past housemate @greenmeantashmachine, I have been inspired to position the importance of minimising my effect on the climate as a priority.


The company I have always used to print tops is carbon-neutral (they reduce, recycle or reuse all they can, and offset those emissions they can’t), their printing process is 100% non-toxic, produces no harmful waste, are vegan-friendly (their inks contain no animal by-products), and importantly they pay their staff and contractors in excess of the living wage.


But, when I first started goodstrangevibes as a business, I didn’t always have the environment as a priority. I would like to change this, and I pledge to do so. 




Postage and Packaging

At the start of trading, I ordered plastic postage bags, I will use these up (as not using them would be counter-productive) but once they have run out I will switch to a more sustainable option, such as cardboard packaging.


Recycled Paper

I have found a way to order postcards made from recycled paper, so once I have sold all current stock, any further orders will be on recycled paper.

I will order business cards on recycled paper. I have researched and found a poster printing company which uses 100% Recycled Uncoated paper, and my plan is for future purchases to be with them once I have bought and learnt to use the software necessary in order to print with them. 


I am going to experiment with buying tops from charity shops and hand drawing onto these to further reduce my businesses' impact on the environment. Additionally, I would like to reduce the prices of these so they are more affordable, especially for customers who may be unable financially to purchase the current range of tops, while also creating a money-saving incentive to customers to purchase environmentally friendly clothing. 

I would like to thank the Alumni Association Student Initiative Fund at Newcastle University, who awarded me with a grant to develop goodstrangevibes, and this has enabled me to invest more into recycled goods.